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Nvidia Cuda acceleration

This section explains how to install and configure Cuda for PERRINE, accelerator toolkit for LabVIEW.


System Requirements

PERRINE run actually Cuda 11.8 version. To know if your GPU is compatible with this version, please consult this page.

How to install the PERRINE GPU INSTALLER ?

To leverage GPU acceleration and fully utilize your CUDA-compatible hardware in an optimized manner, you need to install CUDA exclusively using our Graphic Installer & Management Software (GIM).

  1. Launch the Graphic Installer & Management Software (GIM).
  2. Within the GIM interface, locate and click on the CUDA icon in the right-hand menu. This will take you to the CUDA section.
  3. GIM will detect your GPU and check if it is already configured to use graphic’s toolkits.
  4. Simply click on the installation icon to proceed with the CUDA installation and optimization.

Technical support

The support is managed via the support community page. You can post all your questions, thoughts or suggestions about PERRINE and other Graiphic product.

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