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Numeric Resume

In this section you’ll find a list of all numeric fonctionalities.

Add Computes the sum of the inputs.
Substract Computes the difference of the inputs.
Multiply Returns the product of the inputs.
Divide Computes the quotient of the inputs.
Quotient & Remainder Computes the integer quotient and the remainder of the inputs.
Increment Adds 1 to the input value.
Decrement Subtracts 1 from the input value.
Add Array Element Returns the sum of all the elements in input array.
Multiply Array Element Returns the product of all the elements in input array.
Absolute Returns the absolute value of the input.
Round To Nearest Rounds the input to the nearest integer.
Round Toward -Infinity Truncates the input to the next lowest integer.
Round Toward +Infinity Rounds the input to the next highest integer.
Scale By Power Of Two Multiplies x by 2 raised to the power of n.
Square Root Computes the square root of the input value.


Computes the square of the input value.


Negates the input value.
Reciprocal Divides 1 by the input value.
Sign Returns the sign of input.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents